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Where Craft Meets Art


Starting from 2014, Natasya & Ray mastering the complexities of leather goods trained from a few of the Malaysia's prestigious luxury retailers. With credibility , experience & skills nurtured, launching our work is a natural progression. Natasya & Ray, co-founder of Handbagplus decide to raise their head  fuelled with desire to build a worldwide standard service centre chain that provides luxury goods with proper cleaning, colour restoration, and repair services. As a result, Handbagplus are offering door-to-door bag service, which sets we apart from other bag care centres. 

We finally take a big step to crack what's underneath of our talent, committed to provide a great experience for our treasured clients. We pride ourselves in valuing the art of leather goods incorporate with materials,workmanship and the outcome. 
Ultimately with this, we are fluent the needs of our customer. We have now arrange a new store for you to send your item conveniently. Do come support us as we will and always pride ourself to give you the best service. Let's see the difference.

To started this business,  it comes with a greater price of trust and reliance from our community who brought us together.  With experience, maintaining and enhancing our skills is what keep building our confidence stronger each and every day. Thank you for your trust at the first place.

Handbagplus Team.

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