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The concept "colour restore" refers to a process of returning goods to their true color. Leather materials are better suited to colouring. We will clean up all spots before beginning colour restoration. After the pigment has dried, our experts will blend the colours. The colour sample will be obtained on the cleanest part of your item goo. Customers can also show us a place that they believe could be used as a colour reference. Please keep in mind that we will be able to restore the colour to a 90-95% match. The outcome of colouring is highly dependent on the condition of the products when they are collected. This service will take 1-2 months to complete.

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 As a result, the goods will be subjected to normal wear and tear after colour restoration. Please be advised that the most sensitive areas are the edges, corners, and handles, which fade faster than other parts. It's because of abrasion, usage , storage or maintenance.
The entire colour restoration process will take about a month at the most. It is dependent on the extent of absorption. Normally, once it's completed, we'll store it in a designated area to monitor the final results. Weatherproofing will be the final stage of finishing, and it may take a week or more to dry. Specialists may possibly require extra touch-up services, particularly in areas that are difficult to reach for colouring. No hidden charges just wanted to achieve the best result for you. 

  • Two colour tones on the same surface or in the same leather piece will be coloured in a single colour tone. For example, a Louis Vuitton epi leather bag design have one darker colour on grains part and one lighter colour tone on the surface, but we can only work with one.

  • Damages such as peeling, tearing, cracking, and scuffing will still be present after the colouring process, however they will be less noticeable. Below subject are refer with concealing the hole together with colouring to minimise the damage.

  • Scratches can be hidden with a layer of paint. Color restoration will be able to hide minor blemishes. However, if the scratches are deep, colouring them will only make them appear less noticeable. Furthermore, the marks are still exist there.

  • The imprint logo, also known as the Branding Logo (silver or gold), will be saved. People value it for genuine things, but it isn't. If the logo has faded significantly, it is recommended that you cover it with colour paint.

  • Suede leather can be coloured, but the result will be coarse and harsh. Nubuck leather is another type of suede leather. Because it has the shortest fur, it may appear shiny after colouring. As a result, in general suede leather, because the length of the fur varies, there will be an uneven area visible after colour restoration.

  • Non-leather materials like as cotton, canvas, nylon, or jeans can be colored, but it is not recommended. Coarseness and stiffness will result when colouring these materials.

  • Stitch threads will be coloured as well, with the same colour tone as the surrounding leather. Furthermore, after colouring, the threads (particularly cotton material) will be a little hairy and stiff. Unless a special request was inform beforehand and it is doable with the condition.

  • Side trimming rubber/gel will be kept original if the condition is still good.Trimming rubber/gel will be wiped off when the entire object has been coloured. If the rubber/gel is damaged (cracking or flaking), we will replace it with a new colour wax that matches the item's new colour. Unless you change the side trimming rubber/gel, it will still be visible. The cost of each location varies depending on its area and time spent.

  • Although exotic leathers like snake skin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, and faux fur are so delicate, they still can be revived with a light coat of colour. If the leather condition was previously severe, the goods can be damaged if colour restore happen. We will identify and reject whichever susceptible to damage.

  • Patterned leather is the kind of leather with brand signature printings. We are unable to restore this material. Patterned leather items are such as Burberry (PVC), Louis Vuitton (Monogram, Damier), MCM (logo patterns), Gucci (Canvas), etc.

  • Unprocessed leather or vachetta leather can develop patina over the time. From light brown to darker shade of brown. It is also prone to stains and water marks. We always advise customer to go for colour restoration as the stains cannot be fully diminished after cleaning and it still vulnerable to oxidisation. After restoration, the Vachetta leather will indirectly stop developing patina or oxidisation. The new coated colour will subjected to wear and tear.

  • Metal hardware such as buckles, studs, rings, zippers, and chains will all appear to be the same colour, making colouring impossible. Only polishing will be done to make them look shinier. It will stay the same after polishing if it has been corroded, rusted, tarnished, or scratched. We are unable to replace the metal hardware, nor gold plating to restore.

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