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Before servicing, we will took and share all the photos as evidence to prove any invisible hair line cracks or any inside damage that is not visible or not mentioned to our team. (Some damage will be more visible after colour or cleaning since all dust and grime will be washed away, and it may be more visible at the end result).

To understand more, refer to your service term. If you purchase deep cleanse service > go to deep cleanse terms followed by colour restoration and repair service.

  • Items that have been used for more than 24 months or that have been severely damaged may have undetected damages eg (internal breakage that ruptures after a cleaning has been done) and it will only be discovered after the service. We can't be held responsible because we didn't know about it before we serviced the item.

  • While each customer holds different expectations for personal goods whenever send them in for service, we cater to them individually. Feel free to enlighten us of the element that you are most concerned about or that you need to take special note of before we service your things; otherwise, we will simply follow our standard practice.

  • We will not refund or reimburse if any of the above occurs, and negative reviews should not be posted publicly. If customers leave negative reviews or make false statements, action will be taken.

  • If the customer is not pleased with the outcome, we reserve the right to refund or re-service the item.

  • Customers should be aware that all of the services we provide are completed entirely from scratch (cleaning or colour restoration may only make your item cleaner or more even colour but will not recover any physical damage, items after repair may still be damaged after some time subject to normal wear and tear).

  • We prioritise all of our customers' goods just as much as our own. We do not want any damage to your valuable items as it would harm our reputations, however accidents may happen. If you think your item has sentimental interest or you don't want any mistakes or mishaps to happen to it, think twice before sending it in for servicing.


Exceeding Collection date 


We will contact the client after the service is completed to deliver the goods. Before the goods are delivered, all payments shall be made.


After the service is completed, The Handbagplus will assist you in keeping the item for a maximum of nine month.

If the serviced item is not retrieved after 9 months, we have the rights to dispose the goods as we only have limited storage space.


Compensation Plan

If your item is damaged or lost while in our care, we will compensate you based on the bag's secondhand market price at the time. Proof of purchase is necessary to verify the bag's authenticity. The total compensation will be three times of the total service.

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