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The goal of The Handbagplus is to revitalise the bag to as close to its original state as possible. Kindly be advised that a handbag will not become brand new after services.

Details described below

Please remove all of your belongings from the goods. Kindly be advised that, in order to avoid any losses, we do not take dust bags.

​Important Note: Following the cleaning service, the objects may appear stiffer and drier; this is due to the elimination of dirt, dust, germs, oil, and other contaminants from the bag itself after a few uses. After a little while, it will be perfectly fine or back to normal.


Deep Cleanse is the process of cleaning both the inner and surface of an item. For varying situations, there are a few approaches for cleaning results, such as:

  • Fabric, canvas, and nylon materials clean the best, but please keep in mind that after cleaning, they may turn coarse or fuzzy.

  • Exotic leathers, such as snake skin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, and faux fur, are prone to cracking and will only clean to a limited extent.

  • If patent leather or PVC shiny leather has been discoloured, cleaning will yield minimal effects. Once this material has been discoloured, it will remain that way indefinitely.

  • Suede leather, which contains varying lengths of fur, may be cleaned as well, although the chances of eliminating a stain are rather little. Dark stains may be lessened after cleaning in some cases. Suede leather, on the other hand, would be dry, stiff, and potentially crumpled after cleaning.

  • Vachetta Leather is the most well-known product by Louis Vuitton.This leather is considered one of the most delicate since it is quickly discoloured by water drops and may become permanently stained. In the case of a major mould problem on Vachetta leather, there will be a stubborn stain on the leather; cleaning will only assist to lighten the stains little; otherwise, they will remain. The cleaning outcomes of each bag are highly dependent on the condition of the leather. When it comes to vachetta leather, we can spot clean an area, but we must clean the entire area to ensure that the colour of the other vachetta leather is even. Depending on the bag's initial condition, the leather may become more tanned (darker) or lighter.

  • For some materials, colour fading may occur after cleaning, depending on the item's original condition.If you have a canvas bag with two colour tones (black and white), for example, the colour of the fabric may fade after cleaning. Depending on the initial condition of the bag, furry threads on stitches potentially appear after cleaning (all materials).

  • Depending on the condition of the material, damages such as torn material, bruises, peeling, fraying, or any material with holes may expand after cleaning.

  • Cleaning services can only lessen stains, and they have a small possibility of being completely removed. For example, a yellowish stain, a glue stain, a colour transfer stain, a water stain, a pen ink stain, a denim stain, an oil stain, or any other anonymous stain. Note: To completely cover any stains, colour restoration will be recommended

  • Oxidation causes adhesive glue stain, which can appear on both leather and non-leather goods. The outcomes of removing this problem are minimal; but, don't worry; we'll do our best to eliminate as much as possible. Furthermore, oxidation of the glue will result in discolouration and colour transfer. There are two types of stickiness:

  • The first is usually caused by contact with palm sweat, hand lotion, oil, and other substances; then after, cleaning will be able to eliminate the stickiness.

  • The second option is that the material oxidises as a result of high temperatures, hot weather, and improper storage, in which case cleaning results are quite minimal. Potential of the stickiness to remain is big.

  • Mould develops as a result of poor storage, usage, or humid conditions (climate changes, well Malaysia!). Mold will be removed during the cleaning deep cleanse process, and the goods will be treated for hygienic purposes. A bad case of mould, on the other hand, will leave a stain on the object and cause the colour to change rapidly. Cleaning will not be able to remove the mould stain from your items (bag, wallet, etc.).

  • Note: If you have a mould problem, please let us know earlier beforehand so we can take a prevention measure.

  • Normal wear and tear leads discolouration, which is a regular thing. Bear in mind that cleaning alone will not help you recover your colour until you go through the Colour Restoration process. 

  • Weather, moisture, storage, and chemicals can all contribute to metal oxidation. It will remain oxidised even after polishing if it has been oxidised. We are unable to replace the metal hardware, or restore it by gold plating .

  • Scratches, wrinkles, dent marks, press marks, shrunk leather, burnt material, and out of shape issues in un-refurbished cases will remain the same after services.

  • Deep cleanse was the only way to extract  the smell (funky/mould/odour). However, if the substances are absorbed into the material, the odour will still linger in minimal ways. Note that, we will do our very best to eliminate it.

  • We able remove the crystal coating. This coating is commonly found on Gucci handbag (external coating), Louis Vuitton, and other luxury brands. When the crystal coating begins to deteriorate, we recommend removing it. Peeling, cracking, stickiness, or melting off of the coating are all signs of oxidisation. 

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